Two Stars From ‘Ugly Betty’ Leaving

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It looks like Ugly Betty is getting a bit more interesting this season as two of them will be leaving the show for good. According to sources one of the cast members will be killed of and the other one as been asked to leave. So who are the unlucky chosen to leave.

Ashley Jensen has been with the show since the first season and plays Christina – Betty’s best friend. Sources say that she asked if she could be released from her contract – but we do not have any reasons as to why she did this. We also don’t know yet how she will be written out of it. Right now she is pregnant with Wilhelmina’s child so she can save money in order to save the life of her husband.

Unfortunately we don’t have any information on who the second character might be. We do know that they are new to the series and many fans love them. The good thing is it is not Judith Light. Tell us who you think it is.