Nothing But Drama In “Hills” Finale

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Monday night’s season finale of “The Hills” was full of drama as usual. Brody Jenner summed up thoughts on the show by saying, “I love it. It’s very entertaining.”

However, Lauren and Heidi spoke with a more serious attitude when they were talking about the show to MTV News. “It was great,” Lauren Conrad told MTV news. “I feel like it was kind of a long time coming. It was nice that we were finally able to come to a point where we could talk and be friendly. ” “We just saw each other briefly and it was good to see her,” Heidi added. “It’s been a long time, and I think we’ve both grown a lot.”

Audrina Ptridge was also happy to see the two come back together. “I think it’s good. Everything takes time,” she said. “It happens when it’s supposed to.”

Lauren’s other BFF’s – Lo Bosworth and Whitney Port – said that they could see them working everything out in the future and becoming friends again. “I think it’s awesome. I mean, I think it was inevitable,” Port said. “I’m really happy for them.” “I think it’s good,” Lo added. “Everyone’s going to have better understanding of what really happened.”

But the think that we loved the most was watching Spencer squirm in front of his new mother-in-law. Heidi’s mother Darlene accused Spencer of coercing her daughter into marrying him. He tried to appease her by not legalizing the marriage until both sides of the family were able to have a real reception with them. “I just had visions of her mom trying to kill me in my sleep, so I saw that as a possibility,” Pratt told “We’re on a better path.”