Will “American Idol” Lose Its Judges

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Ken Warwick – the executive producer for “American Idol” called a press conference this week and spent the majority of it telling them that they hoped to keep Paula Abdul as a judge for another season. It seems though that she is not the only judge that they might lose.

Simon Cowell called his own press conference and said that he might not be returning. “I’ll make a decision about (whether to stay with the show) next year,” Cowell said. This decision is not personal – but rather a conflict with his workload – which is getting to be too much for him. “This show could continue for another 10 years,” he conceded.

Cowell went on to say that he and the producers of the show were not aware of the real danger that Paula Goodspeed was to Paula Abdul. Abdul said that she told producers that she had been stalking – but they let her in to audition despite this. She recently killed herself right outside of Abdul’s home. Cowell says that the producers did nothing wrong and are being portrayed as the bad guys in this situation.

“These guys have the utmost integrity as human beings,” Cowell said. “(The judges) wouldn’t work with (the producers) if they were the kind of people who would deliberately do something like that. We’ve taken them on their word that they didn’t know this person was as troubled as she was.”